UX Consulting

UX Consulting

Need help, but not sure where to start?     I provide expert consulting services in: User Experience Design and Analysis Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design Information Architecture User Research Usability Testing I will identify opportunities improve your business success while providing better experiences for your customers who use your website, mobile applications, or software.

User Centric Design

User-Centric Design

I create effective products by analyzing user’s needs, wants and limitations through an iterative design process.     An intuitive and usable interaction design will guide your customers through your website or application towards an action that satisfies their needs, and your business goals.   A solid design process includes: Business, Technology and User Analysis Read more about User-Centric Design[…]

Usability Testing with Morae

Usability Testing

In my career I have been part of all sort of usability testing activities, from the use of Usability Labs with multiple cameras and two-way mirrors, to Hallway Observations. From all the tools I’ve been exposed to, there is one that stands out for its versatility and affordability. Morae is a software that allows you Read more about Usability Testing[…]