Usability Testing

In my career I have been part of all sort of usability testing activities, from the use of Usability Labs with multiple cameras and two-way mirrors, to Hallway Observations.

From all the tools I’ve been exposed to, there is one that stands out for its versatility and affordability. Morae is a software that allows you to evaluate your App, website or software against a user and track and record the user interaction and feedback. Additional built-in functions help you better analyze and report the results of your studies.

“Use Morae to gain valuable insight about your product and remove the guesswork from your decisions. You’ll love that you can record user interactions, analyze the results, and instantly share them with anyone – all within Morae and for any type of research.”

The use of this software in some of my recent projects have corroborated that Morae is the Gold Standard in Usability Testing.

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