February 24, 2015


I’ve been fortunate enough to help some great, visionary companies implement their online strategies and we’ve had a lot of fun in the process!

I have provided high-quality web + mobile UX design and consulting services to a wide range of businesses, from local start-ups to global leading companies.

UX Work

Corporate work

Due to the confidential nature of some corporate projects and the privacy I owe to my clients and employers, I cannot publish much of this work but l will be happy to demonstrate my expertise through case studies.

Selected case studies

Web portal for a rewards program

A web portal where customers can view their points balance, update their personal information, review transaction history and select rewards.
In addition, business partners to the program can award points and track business success.

Banking software for a global financial leading organization

A global initiative to improve business efficiency consolidating operations and systems and providing the ultimate user experience for both staff and customers.

Mobile app store for global markets

Built specifically with target users in mind, this mobile-based app store delivered amazing business results.
Designed from the ground up for young and playful users, keeping in mind their needs, social behavior and environmental characteristics and constraints.

E-commerce for an upscale retail store

A marketing website and E-commerce platform for a trendy, upscale retail store.
The site featured a clean and modern design tailored to a sophisticated audience and focused on simple navigation and efficient purchase process.

Stock imagery web-based system

A web site and administration system to market, commercialize and manage licensed digital art work such as artistic patterns, textures and designs for commercial purposes.

Promotional web program for a worldwide sports event

Retailer and a global leader in the beverage industry teamed up to create a unique web based program featuring a leading international sporting event.
A marketing website was integrated to stores systems, CRM systems and a rewards program.